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We Have a Global Think Tank of Top-Notch Designers/Developers who Specialize in extensive IT areas. We are dedicated to achieving lasting results for your company via remote implementation that will transform your business processes.

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About Us

Mission is in our Company Name – Ayeco is a biblical Hebrew word from book of Genesis when the Almighty asked Adam “Where are you?” after he partook from Tree of Knowledge. “Where are you?” is rhetorical question asking Humanity what have you done, how far have you come and where are you in life after the consumption of the fruit of Tree of Knowledge. Through our team’s collective years of experience and working with major fortune 500 companies we developed an ability to guide and enable our clients’ teams to deliver and fulfill IT requirements in scalable, durable and record time, providing an edge to peer companies/teams.
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Consolidate your IT resources on a single platform. Redefines the service experience and help to gain real-time visibility on the entire IT operations.


Transform your business into cloud with solutions from AWS, Azure, Ali Cloud, Tencent Cloud and more.

Software Consulting

Helps businesses run better by delivering premium IT expertise and custom solutions that solve your real world business problems.




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